Sabtu, 24 Desember 2016

Malang Citizen Your Citizen Media Was Born!

On December 18th 2016 there was an event in my house.  This event held by a community Malang Citizen to celebrate their present in this country. This comunity contain of 35 blogger from Malang City.  They have the same dream to build a media online to help citizen, goverment and tourist to know all about tourism, culinary and another info about Malang and Batu. The community build by 10 founder and lead by an  inspiring woman.  She is Khoirun Nisa or Anisae Kepompong, a senior blogger from Kepanjen City.

All guest so excited with the dream of this community, all hope that it could be good community for them.  Not just mature blogger, there were baby and kid blogger attend this gathering.  Their name were Saladin, Aiman, Michan, etc.  All of them are our kids (kids of member Malang Citizen).  So cute and smart. Beside member MC there were some guest from IMMS community, Bolang Comunity, Blogger Ngalam community. It's a pleasure for us cause they attend this gathering.  We hope there will be a good cooperation, a synergi between MC and these community.

First the event opened with pray lead by Mr.Ale , then Mrs. Anisa speech one and more story about this community to audience.  I see many  new face who attend this event, new friend and new family. We were so hapy at that moment. Sharing a lot of information each other and got a lunch with "Tumpeng " menu.

Who can joined in this community?
Every blogger in Malang city can join an be a part of this community, although now he/she stay in the other country, together me make the dream come true, to make Malang Citizen be "your Citizen Media"

How to join this community?
it's so easy to be our member, but you have to do the list below:
1. Aply to FB community Malang Citizen and sent an inbox
2. Register to
3. make an article with free theme for our web
4. add malang citizen in your  posting blog

So simple right?
just come in our family
IG @malangcitizen
Twitter @malangcitizen

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